The Godfather

Listen up boners,

This goes out to all the jack offs who are calling for Mark Dantonio’s resignation, 5 year bans, and even the death penalty?!?!.  You are all little snow flake turds.  What happened was horrible.  And the 3 players that were involved are going to pay for it; will probably go to jail.  But to call for the coach’s head for what these idiots did at a college party is ridiculous.  And this would set a terrible standard for coaches moving forward if you punish the guy for reporting this.

If anything, this should be an example of how coaches around the NCAA should handle situations like this.  It should be a privilege to play a college sport, not a free pass to act like an idiot and do whatever you want because you are a star athlete.  This should actually set the bar higher for other programs to not just sweep stuff like this under the rug.  Don’t want to compare this to Baylor or good ole Joe Pa, but if they would have actually TOOK SOME ACTION ONCE THEY WERE INFORMED, they may have saved not only their programs but future victims as well.  Instead, they turned a blind eye because they were more interested in their programs success/their legacies than doing the right thing.

Mark Dantonio is one of the most well respected and stand up coaches in the country.  He does not sell his soul to the devil to get recruits or build his program through shady tactics.  He turned a predominantly basketball-focused (still is) fan base into a two sport crowd.  And for all of you buttholes who don’t remember how terrible the football program was, he turned Saturday tailgates for MSU fans from “were just here for the party” to “we’re still here to party, but now we will kick your ass too”.

Shut up and let the man run the program with the respect he has earned.


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