Martha Ford, Major League, Any Given Sunday

Listen up you pathetic losers,

In a couple of months, I will grab my crinkled up Chris Spielman #54 jersey I’ve had since 7th grade that was thrown in the back of my closet after yelling “I’m done”.  It is a yearly event that takes place at the end of every Lions season.  Of course, I am never done and I have been googling “Detroit Lions” daily to hear about every offseason acquisition, training camp news, or the new cheerleader that made the squad.  I am pathetic and I know it.  Every year Lions fans do the Super Bowl math, breakdown the schedule before it comes out, chalk 3 additional wins for Stafford pulling a crazy come back, and we are consistently let down.

HOWEVER, I think it is time to give Martha Ford some props.  I’ll admit, at first I thought we were getting into a situation like the Cleveland Indians in Major League, where Rachel Phelps is the evil owner that the team hates.  Now I am thinking we are in a Cameron Diaz in Any Given Sunday situation, where she actually cares about winning and wants the team to succeed.

After a shaky start in 2015, she did not mess around.  She canned the GM, forced the coach to scrap assistant coaches who were not getting the most out of the offense etc., and MADE SOLID HIRES.  That sounds like an oxymoron to a Lions fan.  Matt Millen’s name isn’t allowed to be whispered in Detroit anymore.  Bob Quinn’s name is said with pride (so far).  He has made smart decisions like drafting lineman, working on the cap, and bringing in solid free agents that make sense.  Time will tell what these moves will bring to Detroit, but you have to admit as a Lions fan this is the first time in our lives that we fee like we are in good hands.

Also, Jim Bob Cooter is a future Bill Belichick; so that helps.


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