Dombrowski, Holland, Millen – M,F,K.

Listen up turds,

Time to play a little M-F-K.  If you don’t know the game, grow up.

This round will be former Tigers GM, Dave Dombrowski, current Red Wings GM Ken Holland, and just to make it easy, the pride of the Lions Matt Millen.

M – Ken Holland

I know everyone is a little butt-hurt that we didn’t make the playoffs and the team has been on the down turn the past few years.  However, 15 straight playoff appearances with 3 Stanley Cups (became GM in July of ’97), worked with two difficult HOF coaches, managed countless superstars, and kept us relevant.  He is someone you are comfortable with and Detroit fans are very spoiled to have had him for this long.  Don’t get me wrong, if Stevie Y wants to come back to Detroit, get the divorce papers ready!  However, give the man some respect, he earned it.

F –  Dave Dombrowski

This guy.  Talk about fun!  Spends money on you, showers you with talent, gave you some of the most memorable Octobers of your life…… then he dines & dashes, sticks you with the bill, and is now banging your cousin.  He did bring Detroit out of the gutter from the 43-119 season in ’03 (shout out Bobby Higginson, Dmitri Young, Carlos Pena).  He also gave us one of the most memorable moments in Detroit History.  When the Tigers finally got past the Yankees in Detroit and Kenny Rogers was spraying champagne on the fans.  Additionally, I was at the game where Magglio hit the home run to send us to the World Series; probably my best live sports moment ever.  While this was great, now we are feeling the pain of this fling.  He did go all-out and you have to give him credit; most fan bases bitch and moan about not spending money.  It was fun while it lasted, but he may have ruined our lives.

K – Matt Millen

Total cop out putting this guy in here.  Such a no brainer.  But, as a hard core Lions fan (so pathetic) I will take a shot every chance I get at this dude.  While I am sure he is a nice guy, he was not even playing checkers while the rest of the league was playing chess; he was chewing on his fucking fingers.  The one good part of him being let go halfway through the ’08 season was that his name is not in the record books for the 0-16 season (seriously impressive); and FYI, we went 4-0 preseason that year.  Going to do the thing that people do to justify a terrible ex, if we didn’t have him it wouldn’t have lead us to Bob Quinn; but it did make us the laughing stock of the league.

Detroit fans do have something that a lot of fan bases do not have: Loyalty.  Could be that we are a 4-sport city.  But man, we have had some terrible teams: the Deadwings Era, the ’03 Tigers, early 80’s Pistons, and of course the ’08 Lions.  We get pissed, don’t get me wrong, but we always come back with some sort of hope.  So, if things are bad, quit being a pussy and stick it out.  Drink a Labatt, it will get better.


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