We are being cucked…

Listen up you cuckers,

This roof is appalling.  It is a slap in the face.  Are they seriously about to put this little no neck, cheap pizza slinging, bald headed, no legged, spear carrying, asshole on top of the arena????

As I wrote in a previous post, I would rather TAKE ON A SPONSOR than have these cuckers hijack the stadium for their free advertising.  This little idiot is going to be a part of every aerial view of Detroit.  Makes me sick that this is actually happening.  The billion dollar stadium has a roof that looks like the top of a damn pizza box.  How is this happening.  Who come up with this?  A homeless man? A 2nd grader? Unreal.

Was the goal of this to have every person who is flying over Detroit on a plane have the same feeling they would if they ate an entire $5 Hot-N-Ready?  (I have previously stated I love Little Caesar’s)  If that was the goal, they achieved it.  I have that “post Little Caesar’s Feeling” where I am either going to immediately diarrhea in my pants or not poop for 2 weeks.  Really pushing my buttons here.

Looks like the internet storm is brewing and is ready to boil over!

(credit @DetroitMoments for the picture)


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