Listen up you amnesiacs,

Chuck Long, Rusty Hilger, Rodney Peete, Scott Mitchell, Charlie Batch, Joey Harrington, Jon Kitna, Dan Orlovsky, and Daunte Culpepper (when he weighed 400 lbs).

This is the list of starting quarterbacks before Matthew Stafford came to Detroit.  I can honestly remember each type of beer I threw at the wall after these guys threw interceptions; easy since it’s usually a LBL.  We all know Stafford has had some bad INT’s.  But give me a break, his good far outweighs his bad.

Some of the rhetoric that has been going on during this contract negotiation is pretty hilarious.  People not wanting him to be the highest paid QB in the league are just idiots and do not understand how these contracts work.  He will be the highest paid for about 4 months before someone else gets the nod.  People who think he needs to take a pay cut like Brady need to also understand Brady’s wife earns double what he does; no joke, $360m to his $180m.  While I do agree Stafford has made a killing so far, he has earned it.  He was literally the only reason we won about 4 games last year.  And to the absolute jackass who says Stafford sucks, go watch golf or cricket you dickheads.  You obviously have not watched the Lions for very long.  Stafford is already the best Lions QB in history, hands down.  So shut up, be happy you have a franchise QB and be glad we didn’t just sign Jay Cutler to start week 1.  (is it weird I am rooting for Cutler to do good this year?)

I know this will sound like we are settling, but we do need to be happy because it could be much worse.  It wasn’t too long ago when half the fans at Ford Field were wearing bags over their heads in shame.  Some are saying the Jim Schwartz era was the peak of the Stafford-led-Lions.  Recently we have had ex-players trash the franchise.  Keep in mind, the majority of their careers were played under other GM’s.

Things are feeling a little more controlled nowadays.  One thing is for sure, things are changing.  For the better?  Time will tell.  Two years ago, Stafford would already have a contract signed for $160m for 5 years.  Bob Quinn isn’t just dishing out money to put bandaids over everything.  He is managing the cap and also building the franchise into a contender (hopefully).  I do believe Stafford is a top ten QB and does deserve to be paid.  It is just where the league is now.  I would hate to see #9 in another uniform.  I think Bob Quinn feels the same way and a deal will get done.

Lions fans are a funny bunch.  We are loyal though.  You have to be to root for this franchise.


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