“The Bar-Stool Interruption Experience”

Listen up Stoolies™,

It is safe to say I am a certified Stoolie™.  I was introduced in 2014 after peaking over at a coworkers computer during a mind-numbing desk jockey job.  I have been hooked ever since.  Watching these guys turn into mainstream has been pretty great to watch.  Barstool as a company, is still all over the place while also having the respect/loyalty of their followers; other than the idiot commenters who seem to only hate on every article written for some reason.  We are witnessing a “startup” turn into a certified power house.  El Pres was correct when he said, “she and all the haters will be watching me ring the bell at the NYSE”.

This Clay Travis clown is obviously trying to pull a Howard Stern to try and gain some listeners/followers.  Barstool has enough haters out there right now.  That is why I am writing this, they deserve some love/credit for what they have done so far.  This may be the only “early adopter” thing I have ever been apart of (I can barley work a VCR).  Barstool will eventually take over the sports media/podcast market.  They have a mix of “PTI” and “The Joe Rogan Experience”.  For some reason, myself included, people are hooked on listening to dudes have a good conversation.  Mix that with the sports format and you have “The Barstool Rundown”.

I do not want to turn this into a blow-job-fest for Barstool Sports.  However, the writing is on the wall (literally).  Tell me you would rather read a 1,500 word piece by some nerd that writes for ESPN, CNN, or god forbid Buzzfeed than a Barstool blog.  Their numbers prove it.  From Stool Scenes to PMT to Barstool Radio to the Barstool Blogs, across the board they have more engaging content than any other media/sports outlet (Dan Patrick Show is still the real deal).   No one wants to hear PC bull crap spewed from talking heads anymore.  It is all shifting and these “bros” have figured it out.  Still take offense to the term “bros” because that term is meant for a certain group of fuck-bois; not these guys/*girls.

Keep up the good work Barstool.  Mark my words, they will take over once the official “shift” from traditional media finally happens.


P.S. As you can see from the other stuff I have written previously, I am clearly not a Boston fan or anything like that.  I started writing a while back and picked it back up recently; mainly due to the fact that I root for a football team that will drive you certifiably insane and needed a way to vent.  I do not like writing about stuff that doesn’t have to do with sports/my teams etc., but, this needs to be out there and others should get in line and enjoy the show!

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