Harbaugh: I’m Torn

Listen up psychos,

I HATE MICHIGAN and their whiny, bandwagon, pompous, little bitch fans.   Lets get that out of the way.  I currently cannot stand Jim Harbaugh as well (obviously).

HOWEVER, I have to admit, I secretly kinda love the guy.  Yes, he is obnoxious.  Yes, he is the Donald Trump of college football.  Yes, he is turning around a program that I despise. Yes, he tries to act like/dress like Bo Schembechler.  Yes, he gets a lot of credit for a guy who has not won any championships (unless you count NFC champions).  See what I did there?  Shit all over the guy, but now I have to get into why I like him.

He is like Ndamukong Suh, you hate him if he’s not on your team.  If he is on your team, you love him because he riles up all the other teams, excites your fan base, and gets shit done.  I always thought he was a solid coach all the way back to San Diego.  Even though there was that whole “Schwartz hand shake week” where I hated the guy.  He does seem to wear out his welcome or maybe he just gets sick of being in one spot.  You cannot not deny the guy knows how to run a program; he has turned around every place he has been.  Additionally, he is the kind of guy that makes you want to run through a wall; which I believe my MSU boys are lacking since Narduzzi left.  Again, he is a guy who is easy to hate but when he is on your side it’s exciting.

As much as I hate to say it, Harbaugh is good for the Big Ten.  He has renewed the OSU “rivalry” and the MSU “rivalry”; both have owned scUM over the past 8-10 years.  I believe he also attracted some larger coaching names to some of the other programs; James Franklin from Vandy to PSU, PJ Fleck to Minnesota, and Jeff Brohm (former XFL QB) from Western Kentucky to Purdue.  The Big Ten has the best line up of coaches by far than any other conference.  SEC, ACC, Big 12, and PAC 12 all are pretty top heavy; just like the BIG TEN used to be.

Now back to hating these douches.  I believe he is too much of a nut job to stay out of the NFL.  While he can handle all the college recruiting crap, I believe he will be back in the NFL within 4-5 years.  I do not see him being a lifer at scUM.  Of course he could prove me wrong.



Harbaugh gave me the best sports moment of my life, “The Punt”.


Imagine losing to your most hated rival that you have beat the shit out of for over 6 years with 10 seconds left in their stadium.  AND THEN YOU RETURN A BAD SNAP FOR A TOUCHDOWN TO WIN!!!! Game over, on to the next game, did that really happen?  Yes, it did.  Not sure if it will ever get better than that, honestly.  Even if Lions won a Super Bowl.  The low/high of that game, the fact its scUM, at the big house, so perfect.  I will forever be grateful to Harbaugh for that.

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