We are being cucked…

Are we serious with this roof?

Listen up you cuckers,

This roof is appalling.  It is a slap in the face.  Are they seriously about to put this little no neck, cheap pizza slinging, bald headed, no legged, spear carrying, asshole on top of the arena????

As I wrote in a previous post, I would rather TAKE ON A SPONSOR than have these cuckers hijack the stadium for their free advertising.  This little idiot is going to be a part of every aerial view of Detroit.  Makes me sick that this is actually happening.  The billion dollar stadium has a roof that looks like the top of a damn pizza box.  How is this happening.  Who come up with this?  A homeless man? A 2nd grader? Unreal.

Was the goal of this to have every person who is flying over Detroit on a plane have the same feeling they would if they ate an entire $5 Hot-N-Ready?  (I have previously stated I love Little Caesar’s)  If that was the goal, they achieved it.  I have that “post Little Caesar’s Feeling” where I am either going to immediately diarrhea in my pants or not poop for 2 weeks.  Really pushing my buttons here.

Looks like the internet storm is brewing and is ready to boil over!

(credit @DetroitMoments for the picture)


$5 Hot ‘N Ready Arena……. seriously?

Listen up Greedy Gluttons,

The more and more I talk to Detroit fans about LCA (the new home for the Red Wings and Pistons), the more I hear “it’s going to be awesome…. too bad the name sucks.”

For those of you not from Michigan, Little Caesar’s Pizza makes up around 21.5% of the diet for Michiganders (shout out to Big John’s, YaYa’s, Halo Burger, Vernors, and Faygo for making up the rest).  They’re known for the $5 Hot-n-ready pizza; gets most college kids through the week.  I genuinely love Little Caesar’s.  They do not pretend to be “made with fresh ingredients etc.,”.  They almost have a Taco-bell-kind of thing going on where they call it like it is: cheap pizza, shut up and eat it.  While this is not a diss on Little Caesar’s Pizza, it is a diss on the reason we are naming this arena after the franchise.

And while I say “we”, of course “we the fans” had no say in the matter.  The worst part about this is according to all of the articles, it was a thought out choice.  As opposed to a thought out debate on the best name for the arena.  Can we all agree we want a real name for this new arena?  While I understand that they are attempting to keep the legacy of Mr. I alive by naming it Little Caesar’s Arena, I do not believe that this name does him justice.

We all read the article that broke down how they could have had $6.25 million/year from an outside bidder.  However, how is no one admitting that this is just free advertising of a pizza chain to a state that literally only eats from this chain?  $5 Pizza Arena should not be what the city of Detroit should agree to.  I understand, that at the end of the day, it is not our call, but c’mon….Little Caesar’s Arena.  Seems like a convenient humble brag to “not take on any outside bidders, to honor Mr. I’s legacy”, then name it after your billion-dollar pizza franchise.

And if we really wanted to honor Mr. I, how about calling it MIKE ILITCH ARENA or ILITCH ARENA????   If you are from Michigan and you do not equate the Ilitch family with Little Caesar’s, Tigers, $5 Hot-and-ready’s, or the Red Wings, then you have been living under a rock.  Going from “The Joe” to “Little Caesar’s Arena” is tough to swallow.

Check out this petition that was started that has almost 30k signatures: LINK HERE

In reality, the place could be nameless and I would still go there and love it.  The arena is going to be awesome and it is going to be even better for Detroit; year round sports downtown will be unreal.    Check out some new name options below.

Real possibilities:

  • Mike Ilitch Arena
  • Gordie Howe Arena
  • Great Lakes Arena
  • City of Detroit Arena
  • Open to Suggestions….

Michigan Ideas (why not?):

  • Vernor’s Arena
  • Big John’s Steak & Onion Arena
  • YaYa’s Flame Broiled Chicken Arena
  • Faygo Rock ‘n Rye Arena
  • Empress of China Arena
  • The Vu Gentleman’s Club Arena
  • Halo Burger Arena
  • Pothole Arena
  • I-75 Construction Arena
  • Oberon Arena

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